IAS Classes

There are only three positions in the country which are most important. PM, CM and DM. Young students can aspire to become District Magistrate which is the most satisfying job in the Country. As Collector of a district, he is responsible for law and order, development works, protocol duties, famine relief, literacy campaigns, even locust invasion from border areas, calamity relief, etc. When the Collector does night halt in a village, there is so much satisfaction solving the problems of the poor and farmers.

As Chairman of UIT, he is sometimes in charge of urban area as well. As Chairman of DRDA, he is responsible for the rural development schemes in some Stares. Collector is Chairman of so many committees that he even cannot remember. Chief Minister is calling you every other day to know the progress of schemes. There is no other job which requires so much managerial abilities as this position.

Collector is also a judicial post and he sits in court adjudicating land disputes. He is the head of Revenue Administration. All Patwaris and Tehsildars are under him. District Supply officer is under him. So are all SDM's.

Then you keep shifting at senior level from Education Secretary to Metro Chairman&MD, from MD Tourism to Chairman&MD Electricity Board, Jaipur Development Commissioner to Secretary Industries. Such a wide spectrum, each job required different approach to management.

RAS Classes

SDM similarly is mini DM of his area. He also heads the court and decides land disputes. He is so busy supervising Patwaris, Girdawars, Tehsildar and election staff and field visits. Lunch is never certain for him so it is best advised to eat before you start for office. Each day is different and challenging. Sometimesthey can order police in case of law and order to even shoot at protestors.

What a responsibility and power to assess the situation. At senior level, they would become Directors of Education, Local Bodies, Deputy Secretary to CM, PS to CM, Deputy Commissioner Excise or Commercial Taxes, CEO of Nagar Nigam, Secretary UIT etc. What a pleasant change for one job to another. When they visit Cinema Halls, the movie will start after their family arrives even though they may be late. Such is the prestige of these services.

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